Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in Charlotte ? With professional help from a digital marketing agency in Charlotte, you can increase awareness of your brand and attract more customers.

Best digital marketing agencies in Charlotte


Founded in 1968, Mower is a full-service, marketing, advertising and PR agency in Charlotte. The Mower Charlotte office delivers award-winning marketing, advertising and public relations for a range of B2B and B2C clients, from Fortune 500 companies to privately held, family-run businesses and startups.
W. Morehead Street, Charlotte
Marketing agency, Advertising agency, PR agency
1213 W. Morehead Street, 5th Floor, Charlotte, NC 28208

Wray Ward

Wray Ward is an inspired marketing communications firm that specializes in the home and building sectors, supporting brands that elevate the style, comfort and function of the American home.
Baxter Street, Charlotte
Real estate marketing agency
900 Baxter Street, Charlotte, NC 28204


Founded in 2000, BooneOakley is a nationally-acclaimed advertising agency for emergent thinking and brand development.
South Mint St, Charlotte
Advertising agency
1445 South Mint St, Charlotte, NC 28203


Founded in 2002, Union is an independently-owned digital marketing agency based in Charlotte, NC.
W. Morehead Street, Charlotte
Digital marketing agency
2000 W. Morehead St., Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28208

Tattoo Projects

Founded in 2006, Tattoo Projects is a small but fierce advertising and production agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ad Age has named them Small Advertising Agency of the Year.
S Cedar St, Charlotte
Advertising agency, Creative agency
801 S Cedar St, Charlotte, NC 28208 USA
+1 704 900 7150


Founded in 2002, Ironpaper is a growth agency based in New York City and Charlotte, NC.
South Church Street, Charlotte
Growth agency, Marketing agency, Web design agency
1415 South Church Street, Suite K-L, Charlotte, NC 28203


Skookum creates digital products that help businesses modernize technology, optimize user experiences, and innovate throughout the product life cycle.
S.Tryon Street, Charlotte
Digital agency, UX design agency, Software development company
201 S.Tryon Street, Suite 1500, Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 930-7444

Pinckney Marketing

Founded in 2011, Pinckney Marketing is a strategic marketing agency that builds full-funnel campaigns designed to generate traffic, convert leads and drive revenue from marketing to sales.
W. Hill Street, Charlotte
Digital marketing agency, Advertising agency
800 W. Hill Street, Charlotte, NC 28208

Luquire George Andrews

Founded in 1984, Charlotte-based LGA provides advertising, digital and public relations services to a broad range of clients from major regional corporations to global Fortune 500 companies.
Congress Street, Charlotte
Advertising agency, Marketing agency, PR agency
4201 Congress Street, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28209

CGR Creative

Founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2002, CGR Creative is a digital marketing agency specializing in the creation, marketing and analysis of digital assets.
Abbott St, Charlotte
Creative agency, Digital marketing agency
1930 Abbott St, Ste 304, Charlotte, North Carolina 28203
+1 704-334-2232

Enventys Partners

Founded in 20017, Enventys Partners is a vertically-integrated product development, crowdfunding and inbound marketing agency.
Elliot St., Charlotte
Crowdfunding agency, Inbound marketing agency, Product development agency
520 Elliot St., Charlotte, NC 28202

Asterisk Creative

As a full-service marketing and branding agency, Asterisk Creative understand growing a brand is about finding the authentic values that consumers share and leveraging those in a way that creates growth.
Louise Ave, Charlotte
Marketing and communications agency
933 Louise Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204


Founded in 1993, MicroD provides ecommerce solutions, digital marketing, EDI and 3D for furniture retailers.
Carmel Commons Blvd., Charlotte
Marketing agency
11301 Carmel Commons Blvd., STE 205, Charlotte, NC 28226

Red Moon Marketing

Founded in 2002, Red Moon is a full service marketing agency in Charlotte, NC.
Coca Cola Plaza, Charlotte
Marketing agency
4100 Coca Cola Plaza, Suite 215, Charlotte, NC 28211

birdsong gregory

Founded in 2001, Bridsong Gregory is a marketing agency that offer services such as retail branding, go-to-market support, B2B branding, loyalty programs, brand strategy, corporate communications, marketing campaigns, and marketplace audits.
North Church Street, Charlotte
Marketing agency
715 North Church Street – Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28202


Founded in 1999, E-dreamz is a partnership-oriented eCommerce agency that focuses on creating and sustaining long-term, full-service relationships with clients. E-dreamz design, build, support and market enterprise-level eCommerce and corporate web properties using their Echo by E-dreamz website software platform.
Park Road, Charlotte
Internet marketing agency, eCommerce agency
4805 Park Road, Suite 210, Charlotte, NC 28209

The Agency

Founded in 2011, The Agency is a is a full service Creative, Marketing, Advertising, Graphic and Web Design, Branding and PR firm that is results driven and relationship oriented.
N. Davidson St, Charlotte
Internet marketing agency, Public relations agency, Creative agency, Web design agency
3202B N. Davidson St, Charlotte
(704) 595-3299


Founded in 1992, CRAFTED is a brand-powered demand generation agency for B2B manufacturing companies.
Cleveland Ave, Charlotte
Demand generation agency, Marketing agency
1713 Cleveland Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203

AC&M Group

Founded in 20004, AC&M Group is a full-service marketing agency that excels in using Cultural Insights to connect brands with their consumers.
W. Morehead St., Charlotte
Multicultural marketing agency, Sports marketing agency
1307 W. Morehead St. Suite 206 Charlotte, NC 28208


Founded in 2009, Saturday Brand Communications is an advertising agency based in Charlotte, NC.
S.Tryon St, Charlotte
Advertising agency, Creative agency, Marketing agency
1310 S.Tryon St #110, Charlotte, NC, 28203
(704) 919-0034

ABZ Creative Partners

Founded in 1982, ABZ Creative Partners is a Charlotte based marketing and communications agency.
Music Factory Blvd, Charlotte
Marketing and communications agency
1000 Music Factory Blvd, Suite C6-203, Charlotte, NC 28206

Synchronicity Web Designs

Sync Designs is a full-service, professional website design and digital marketing group that has developed high-quality websites for companies across the USA since 1999.
East Morehead Street, Charlotte
Digital marketing agency
1228 East Morehead Street, Suite 250, Charlotte, NC 28204

Moonlight Creative

Founded in 1996, Moonlight Creative Group Inc. is an award-winning marketing and advertising agency that specializes in creative and unique communications solutions.
East Blvd, Charlotte, NC
Marketing agency, Advertising agency
930 East Blvd, Suite B Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 332-9918

What services do digital marketing agencies in Charlotte offer?

Digital marketing agency is a team of marketing experts that leverages digital channels to increase brand awareness & agency revenues. They use digital marketing strategies to get new leads and also increase the number of transactions from existing customers. The channels that digital marketing agencies in Charlotte use are social media, agency’s website, search engines, video platforms, blogs and other online channels available at disposal.

The services offered by a digital marketing agency in Charlotte could be the full stack of digital marketing services. But, you should keep in mind that when choosing a digital marketing agency for your agency project in Charlotte, you should look at the match of the agency’s core strength with your requirements. For example, a digital marketing agency that is an expert in search engine optimization will bring no ROI for your project that needs an expert in social media marketing.

The complete stack of services offered by a digital marketing agency in Charlotte could look like the following: Search engine optimization ( SEO), Social media marketing, Content marketing, Online PR, Pay per click ( PPC ) marketing, Affiliate marketing, Native advertising, Email marketing, Inbound marketing and Online reputation management.

One very important thing to note when researching about digital marketing agency in Charlotte is that the requirements and expertise of a digital marketing agency is very different from a traditional advertising and marketing agency. The main reason that you look to hire a digital marketing agency is to increase profits by leveraging all marketing channels possible. Given that, digital marketing agency services could cost a fortune, if they dont bring in any increase in revenue leading to profits, the whole point of hiring a digital marketing agency in Charlotte could be a waste of spending.

Looking at all the above, it becomes all the more important to choose a digital marketing agency with the right skillset, because if not chosen correctly, the campaign results will bring in a lot of disappointment. Thus when you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Charlotte, do refer to the handpicked list of digital marketing agencies given above. If you have any questions or need any help in choosing an agency for your marketing project in Charlotte, let us know, we will be glad to help.

What you should ask prospective digital marketing agency in Charlotte, before finalising “the one” for your project ?

Selecting a digital marketing agency could be an intimidating task. It could be that this is your first time selecting a digital marketing agency in Charlotte and you do not know how to vet an agency. Or maybe you have worked with one of the digital marketing agency in the past but had a negative experience.

Regardless of what the case might be for your hunt of digital marketing agency, here are a few questions that will surely help you in finding the best digital marketing agency partner for your agency.

  • What is the core digital marketing strength of your agency?
  • How long have you been in the business for?
  • Will the team working for my project be your employees or subcontractors?
  • What marketing certifications and affiliations does your agency have?
  • How is your pricing structured for my requirements?
  • Have you ever done digital marketing projects of similar requirements as mine?
  • Can you provide any references?
  • Can you share case studies of your most successful digital marketing projects with similar expertise requirement as my project?
  • Are you headquartered in Charlotte or you just have a branch / third party contact over there?
  • Can you give me a detailed written estimate of my digital marketing requirements ?
  • What additional information will you require from my end?
  • What do I need to provide for the project?
  • What happens if the cost of the digital marketing project increases due to an unforeseen situation?
  • What all will your agency provide?
  • How will you measure results?
  • What will be the cancellation, modification and refund policy?
  • What will be the timeline for the project. When and what would you need from me, for a successful management of digital marketing campaign?

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