Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in Portland ? With professional help from a digital marketing agency in Portland, you can increase awareness of your brand and attract more customers.

Best digital marketing agencies in Portland

Wieden + Kennedy

Founded in 1982, Wieden+Kennedy is an independently owned advertising agency headquartered in Portland, Oregon.
NW 13th Ave, Portland
Marketing agency, Advertising agency
224 NW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
503 937 7000


Founded in 2002, Instrument is a digital brand and experience innovation company in Portland, Oregon.
N Williams Avenue, Portland
UX agency, Marketing agency, Branding agency, Digital agency
3529 N Williams Avenue, Portland, OR, 97227
(503) 928-3188


Founded in 1996, Sq1 is a data-driven marketing firm that delivers results by activating customer data. Through advertising technology, marketing services and advanced analytics, Sq1 drive sales and maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) across all digital touch points
SW Oak Street, Portland
Web design, Advertising agency, Marketing agency
209 SW Oak Street, Portland, OR 97204


Founded in 2006, Swift is a strategic creative agency that lives and breathes digital, leading brands forward with a groundbreaking combination of insights and ideas.
NW 17th Ave., Portland
Creative agency, Marketing agency
1250 NW 17th Ave., Portland, OR 97209
+1 503 227 8305


Founded in 1978, CMD is a full service creative agency based in Portland, Oregon.
NW Thurman St., Portland
Creative agency, Marketing agency
1631 NW Thurman St., Suite 400, Portland, OR 97209


Roundhouse is a creative company in Portland, OR. They put their hearts into making Content, Design and Experiences that transform the way people connect with brands and one another.
SE Main Street, Portland
Creative agency, Marketing agency
975 SE Main Street, Portland, Oregon 97214


Founded in 1997, Sockeye is a strategy, desig, branding and identity company base din Portland,Oregon and Amsterdam.
N Broadway, Portland
Marketing agency, Design agency, Brand identity agency
240 N Broadway, Portland, OR 97227
+1 503 226 3843


Founded in 2011, INDUSTRY is a global independent creative agency based in Portland, Oregon.
SW 10th Avenue, Portland
Creative agency, Marketing agency
415 SW 10th Avenue, Suite. 200, Portland, OR 97205
503 395 7538


Founded in 2002, Thesis ( earlier named as eROI ) is a digital agency based on Portland, Oregon.
NW Everett Street, Portland
Digital agency
1417 NW Everett Street, Suite 300, Portland, OR 97209
(503) 221-6200

Grady Britton

Founded in 1974, Grady Britton is a full-service agency. Their capabilities include all facets of marketing that support building relevant, personal brands and facilitating behavior change, including market research, brand strategy and implementation, advertising, media planning and buying, online strategy, social media, and public relations.
SE Washington St, Portland
Creative agency, Marketing agency
107 SE Washington St, Ste 300, Portland OR 97214
(503) 228-4118

Forix Web Design

Founded in 2008, Forix Web design plans, design, build, and optimize digital shopping experience for eCommerce websites on the Magento platform.
SW Jefferson St., Portland
Full service ecommerce consulting, Magento agency
2140 SW Jefferson St., Suite 200, Portland, OR 97201

Anvil Media

Founded in 2000, Anvil is an integrated marketing agency specializing in search engine marketing, social media and analytics.
NE Failing St, Portland
Digital marketing agency, SEO agency, PPC agency
310 NE Failing St, Portland, OR 97212
(503) 595-6050


Founded in 2009, Adpearance is a marketing and sales intelligence company based in Portland, OR
NW Front Ave, Portland
Marketing agency, Sales intelligence agency
2035 NW Front Ave, Suite 300, Portland, OR 97209
(503) 548-1320


Founded in 1994, FINE is a brand agency for the digital age.
SW 11th Ave, Portland
Branding agency, Marketing agency
1140 SW 11th Ave, #200, Portland, OR 97205
(415) 552-9300

Murmur Creative

Founded in 2007, Murmur Creative is a creative agency specializing in strategic branding, packaging, and web design.
SE Stark St., Portland
Branding agency, Web design agency, Creative agency
Washington Hight School, 1300 SE Stark St. Room #210, Portland, Oregon 97214

Dealer Spike

Founded in 2008, Dealer Spike is a digital marketing and advertising company focused on helping dealers increase sales and service profitability through online digital advertising and training.
SW Parkway Ave, Wilsonville
Dealership marketing and website provider
26600 SW Parkway Ave, #400, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070


Founded in 2016, MakeWebBetter is a Digital Marketing Agency that analyzes your business problems, optimizes your solutions, improves your conversion and engages your audience to keep coming. They provide services such as Marketing Automation, Data Analytics, PPC, SEO, SMM, Branding and Web Development.
NE Sumner St, Portland
eCommerce digital marketing agency
11923 NE Sumner St, STE 714705, Portland, Oregon, 97220


Founded in 2008, Pollinate is a full-service marketing agency with a digital core. They offer services such as brand research and media buying, creative and content development, product customization technology.
SW 11th Ave, Portland
Marketing agency
315 SW 11th Ave Suite 200, Portland, OR 97205


Founded in 2011, Manifesto is a brand declaration and advertising agency located in Portland, OR and Milwaukee, WI.
NE 20th Ave, Portland
Marketing agency, Integrated Campaigns, Experiential Marketing
541 NE 20th Ave, Suite 115, Portland, OR 97232
+1 971-202-7340

Ideas Collide

Founded in 2005, Ideas Collide is a strategic marketing communications firm that develops custom marketing solutions that drive action and results
SW Morrison St, Portland
Marketing and Communication agency, Branding agency
1155 SW Morrison St, Suite 304, Portland, OR 97205
+1 480-659-4520

Fish Marketing

Founded in 2003, Fish Marketing is a full-service, results-driven advertising and marketing agency in Portland, Oregon.
SE Washington St., Portland
Marketing agency, Advertising agency
107 SE Washington St., Suite 620, Portland, Oregon 97214


Founded in 1978, HMH is a full-service creative marketing communications agency base in Portland and Charlotte.
SW 1st Avenue, Portland
Marketing and Communication agency
Harrison Square Building, 1800 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 250, Portland, OR 97201

Harlo Interactive

Founded in 2004, Harlo is a digitally-focused design studio that design and develop websites, custom web apps and eCommerce solutions.
SE Ash St., Portland
Web design and development agency, Marketing agency
537 SE Ash St., Suite 208, Portland, OR 97214
(503) 517-8074

Intuitive Digital

Founded in 2012, Intuitive Digital is a data-driven digital marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. They specialize in search engine marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses.
SE 8th Avenue, Portland
Digital marketing agency, SEO agency
2715 SE 8th Avenue, Suite 14,Portland, OR 97202


Founded in 2005, OVO is an accomplished branding agency designed to solve critical business issues.
N Williams Ave., Portland
Branding agency
3703 N Williams Ave., Portland, Oregon 97227


Founded in 2002, AM:PM PR is a family-owned public relations agency.
SE Clinton, Portland
PR agency, Marketing and communications agency
2006 SE Clinton, Portland, OR 97202
(503) 232-1015

Borders Perrin Norander

Founded in 1977, Borders Perrin Norrander is a marketing agency based in Portland, Oregon.
SW Yamhill St., Portland
Advertising agency, Marketing agency
520 SW Yamhill St. #950, Portland, OR 97204
(503) 227-2506


Founded in 20009, GRAYBOX is a Portland web design, web development, and digital marketing company. Graybox consistently produce exceptional results through our obsession with perfection.
SE Washington St, Portland
Web design and development agency, Marketing agency
107 SE Washington St Ste 700, Portland, OR 97214

What services do digital marketing agencies in Portland offer?

Digital marketing agency is a team of marketing experts that leverages digital channels to increase brand awareness & agency revenues. They use digital marketing strategies to get new leads and also increase the number of transactions from existing customers. The channels that digital marketing agencies in Portland use are social media, agency’s website, search engines, video platforms, blogs and other online channels available at disposal.

The services offered by a digital marketing agency in Portland could be the full stack of digital marketing services. But, you should keep in mind that when choosing a digital marketing agency for your agency project in Portland, you should look at the match of the agency’s core strength with your requirements. For example, a digital marketing agency that is an expert in search engine optimization will bring no ROI for your project that needs an expert in social media marketing.

The complete stack of services offered by a digital marketing agency in Portland could look like the following: Search engine optimization ( SEO), Social media marketing, Content marketing, Online PR, Pay per click ( PPC ) marketing, Affiliate marketing, Native advertising, Email marketing, Inbound marketing and Online reputation management.

One very important thing to note when researching about digital marketing agency in Portland is that the requirements and expertise of a digital marketing agency is very different from a traditional advertising and marketing agency. The main reason that you look to hire a digital marketing agency is to increase profits by leveraging all marketing channels possible. Given that, digital marketing agency services could cost a fortune, if they dont bring in any increase in revenue leading to profits, the whole point of hiring a digital marketing agency in Portland could be a waste of spending.

Looking at all the above, it becomes all the more important to choose a digital marketing agency with the right skillset, because if not chosen correctly, the campaign results will bring in a lot of disappointment. Thus when you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Portland, do refer to the handpicked list of digital marketing agencies given above. If you have any questions or need any help in choosing an agency for your marketing project in Portland, let us know, we will be glad to help.

What you should ask prospective digital marketing agency in Portland, before finalising “the one” for your project ?

Selecting a digital marketing agency could be an intimidating task. It could be that this is your first time selecting a digital marketing agency in Portland and you do not know how to vet an agency. Or maybe you have worked with one of the digital marketing agency in the past but had a negative experience.

Regardless of what the case might be for your hunt of digital marketing agency, here are a few questions that will surely help you in finding the best digital marketing agency partner for your agency.

  • What is the core digital marketing strength of your agency?
  • How long have you been in the business for?
  • Will the team working for my project be your employees or subcontractors?
  • What marketing certifications and affiliations does your agency have?
  • How is your pricing structured for my requirements?
  • Have you ever done digital marketing projects of similar requirements as mine?
  • Can you provide any references?
  • Can you share case studies of your most successful digital marketing projects with similar expertise requirement as my project?
  • Are you headquartered in Portland or you just have a branch / third party contact over there?
  • Can you give me a detailed written estimate of my digital marketing requirements ?
  • What additional information will you require from my end?
  • What do I need to provide for the project?
  • What happens if the cost of the digital marketing project increases due to an unforeseen situation?
  • What all will your agency provide?
  • How will you measure results?
  • What will be the cancellation, modification and refund policy?
  • What will be the timeline for the project. When and what would you need from me, for a successful management of digital marketing campaign?

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