Dequincy, LA Demographics

The total population of Dequincy is estimated to be 3,058 with 1,704 males (55.72%) and 1,354 females (44.28%). There are 350 less females than males in Dequincy.
The median household income in Dequincy was $65,530 in 2021, which marked an a decrease of 15,286(18.91%) from $80,816 in 2020. This income is 87.83% of the U.S. median household income of $74,606 (all incomes in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars).
In Dequincy, the median income for all workers aged 15 years and older, regardless of work hours, was $27,376 for males and $24,244 for females. However, when specifically considering full-time, year-round workers within the same age group, the median income was $82,359 for males and $46,341 for females.
In Dequincy, there are just two different racial groups among households. Among these, White households report a median household income of $81,407, while Black or African American households have a median household income of $28,587.
In 2022, the population of Dequincy was 2,864, a 2.05% decrease year-by-year from 2021. Previously, in 2021, Dequincy's population was 2,924, a decline of 6.34% compared to a population of 3,122 in 2020.
The median age in Dequincy, LA is 27.2, as per 2021 ACS 5-Year Estimates. Of the total population, 24.71% were under the age of 15, 28.97% aged 15 to 29, 30.77% aged 30 to 64, 15.16% aged 65 to 84, and 0.38% were 85 years of age and older.
Racial distribution of Dequincy population: 80.90% are White, 9.39% are Black or African American and 9.71% are multiracial.