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Placer County, CA income demographics dataset
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January 9, 2024
About this dataset


The dataset presents median income data over a decade or more for males and females categorized by Total, Full-Time Year-Round (FT), and Part-Time (PT) employment in Placer County. It showcases annual income, providing insights into gender-specific income distributions and the disparities between full-time and part-time work. The dataset can be utilized to gain insights into gender-based pay disparity trends and explore the variations in income for male and female individuals.

Key observations: Insights from 2022

Based on our analysis ACS 2022 1-Year Estimates, we present the following observations:

  • All workers, aged 15 years and older: In Placer County, the median income for all workers aged 15 years and older, regardless of work hours, was $63,190 for males and $38,417 for females.

    These income figures highlight a substantial gender-based income gap in Placer County. Women, regardless of work hours, earn 61 cents for each dollar earned by men. This significant gender pay gap, approximately 39%, underscores concerning gender-based income inequality in the county of Placer County.

  • Full-time workers, aged 15 years and older: In Placer County, among full-time, year-round workers aged 15 years and older, males earned a median income of $91,923, while females earned $74,907, leading to a 19% gender pay gap among full-time workers. This illustrates that women earn 81 cents for each dollar earned by men in full-time roles. This analysis indicates a widening gender pay gap, showing a substantial income disparity where women, despite working full-time, face a more significant wage discrepancy compared to men in the same roles.

    Surprisingly, the gender pay gap percentage was higher across all roles, including non-full-time employment, for women compared to men. This suggests that full-time employment offers a more equitable income scenario for women compared to other employment patterns in Placer County.

Placer County, CA gender based income disparity


When available, the data consists of estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS) 2022 1-Year Estimates. All incomes have been adjusting for inflation and are presented in 2022-inflation-adjusted dollars.

Gender classifications include:

  • Male
  • Female

Employment type classifications include:

  • Full-time, year-round: A full-time, year-round worker is a person who worked full time (35 or more hours per week) and 50 or more weeks during the previous calendar year.
  • Part-time: A part-time worker is a person who worked less than 35 hours per week during the previous calendar year.

Variables / Data Columns

  • Year: This column presents the data year. Expected values are 2010 to 2022
  • Male Total Income: Annual median income, for males regardless of work hours
  • Male FT Income: Annual median income, for males working full time, year-round
  • Male PT Income: Annual median income, for males working part time
  • Female Total Income: Annual median income, for females regardless of work hours
  • Female FT Income: Annual median income, for females working full time, year-round
  • Female PT Income: Annual median income, for females working part time

Good to know

Margin of Error

Data in the dataset are based on the estimates and are subject to sampling variability and thus a margin of error. Neilsberg Research recommends using caution when presening these estimates in your research.

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Recommended for further research

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Avg Income Age group Avg Income Diversity Index Population Gender ratio (M:F) Homeownership % Avg commute time Custom Dataset: Placer County Self-employed, multilingual, car-commuting, insured individuals 15 to 24 years $27,865 75 27,354 0.75 0.5% 55 min 25 to 44 years $44,231 90 37,459 0.86 19% 43 min 45 to 64 years $53,865 95 42,167 0.77 35% 15 min 65 to 74 years $51,800 74 32,972 0.91 45% 13 min 75 to 84 years $41,234 66 26,758 0.87 66% 42 min 85 years and over $36,093 56 18,857 0.89 76% 45 min