Research & Advisory Services

As a strategic partner, we can solve your business challenge. Experience the power of AI enabled research, insights and meaningful connections. Let us help you accelerate your business growth​

Quantitative Research

Using quantitative research, we give meaning to your business data, and bring clarity to organizational strategies and policies.

Qualitative Research

Using qualitative research, we help you gain in-depth insights into behavioral forces at play, and to understand concepts, thoughts or experiences.

Strategic Vendor Research

In addition to empowering you with rich insights and research, we can help you find the perfect service provider to make things happen.

Customer Segmentation

By defining a clear and actionable segmentation strategy, we can help you create targeted campaigns for maximum marketing ROI.

B2B Research

By tapping into our vast experience across 80+ industries, we can help you gain competitive advantage in your B2B market research.


Neilsberg analytics helps you analyze data for your business to better evaluate business performance, identify and anticipate trends.

Secondary Research

Using data from earlier research, we can give it a fresh perspective and garner new conclusions based on the change in strategy or scope.

Trends & Insights

We truly believe in the power of insights and connect you to market-leading data, research, trends and insights from around the world.

Bespoke Services

If any of your projects have special requirements, We have expertise to develop bespoke strategies to make it happen. Just drop us a note.

The Neilsberg Research & Advisory team provides focused, executable insights to solve your business challenge