10 Best Dropshipping Niches for Beginners in 2022

By Neilsberg May 24, 2022 Dropshipping Niches

Here is the list of best dropshipping niches for beginners. We have also listed the top criteria and the tools needed to find the perfect niche for your business.

If you are a beginner to dropshipping, it may feel a bit daunting to start with. It's perfectly okay actually, to feel that way. Everyone begins at some point of time, isn’t it? 

That being said, it is wise to learn from someone else’s mistakes. You do not have to reinvent the wheel and start from an absolute scratch. You can always learn from other successful dropshippers and take a thing or two from them.

After reading this insights article, we are sure that you as a beginner will be able to choose a niche for your dropshipping business wisely. Something that will get your dropshipping business started and take you the next step in the dropshipping expertise. 

Best Dropshipping Niches for Beginners

In the beginning it would make a lot of sense to first choose a niche and test for a handful of products within it.

Do remember:

  • Do not have too many products in the store ( no matter if they are from the same or different niches ). It’s going to make marketing efforts very difficult. 
  • Pick not more than 5 products ( lesser the better ) within the same niche when starting with the dropshipping business.
  • Many successful dropshippers chose a single product for their store and have reached a very high level of success. 

 Based on our research to identify the best dropshipping products for beginners, following is the list of dropshipping niches our team identified.

We are sure that it will help you in going a step further in your dropshipping business plan.

Beauty and Health

Beauty and health is amongst the highest growing niche in dropshipping at this point of time.

The marketing opportunities available today because of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube has created a huge impact in the success of this niche. Thus with a little bit of investment, you can successfully begin dropshipping products within the beauty and health niche.

Tip: To begin with, choose a product that won't need a lot of regulatory and customs compliance. You would rather spend time on marketing than dealing with never ending issues.  

Pros: Repeat orders, High demand, Low cost of entry, Lots of marketing opportunities

Cons:  High competition, FDA compliance, High CPA

Toys and Hobbies

If you can find a hobbyist niche, there is nothing better than that.

The hobbyist customers are price insensitive and would order without thinking too much about it. Additionally, word of mouth marketing is a huge plus for hobbyist related products.

Tip: To begin with, choose a product that matches requirements for a certain hobby and build your dropshipping store around that theme.  For example: outdoor painting kits, gardening kits etc. 

Pros: Repeat orders, Word of mouth marketing, Low cost of entry, Devout followers

Cons:  Limited products, Risk of getting into a trend, Tricky marketing

Womens Clothing and Accessories

A woman can never have too many clothes or accessories. Isn't it ?

Women clothing and accessories undoubtedly is the most profitable and popular niche in dropshipping. 

Tip: Choose a theme for your store before picking any product from this niche. 

Pros: High demand, Low cost of entry, Low shipping cost

Cons:  High competition, High CPA, High return percentage

Home and Garden

Thanks to the rise of social media and video calling, everybody wants their home to look the best at all times. After all, the photos you share reflect your lifestyle, and a cluttered or an unorganized home may kill the very profile you are building online.

On the basis of this trend, especially after the pandemic, there is a steep rise in the demand for home and garden products.

Tip: Look for products that are easy to ship and aren’t fragile. You do not want to start your dropshipping business with a set of products that have a high risk of breaking in transit.

Pros: High demand, Easy to market, Word of mouth marketing, Low cost of entry

Cons: Shipping costs, High return percentage 

Mother and Kids

A category that is not going to go away anytime in the future. Actually one of the best categories to get into, if you know how to do its marketing.

Looking at the statistics, it is a category that is growing year on year and has a huge potential for repeat orders. Unlike adults, kids grow out of their stuff every few months and if you give customers a good experience, you will surely get their ( and their friends') business again and again.

Tip: Look for products that kids will grow out of. This will encourage repeat business and also help in scaling your business, adding the next age group at a time. 

Pros: High demand, Word of mouth marketing, Repeat business

Cons: Kids safety compliance, Shipping timelines 

Mens Clothing and Accessories

If you can fish out a hobbyist accessory or a unique clothing trend, mens clothing and accessories can become a great dropshipping niche to begin with.

Mens accessories are relatively easier to sell compared to the womens, and have a huge demand too at the same time.

Tip: Look for products that are word of mouth marketable.  

Pros: High demand, Low cost of entry, Easy to market

Cons: Product selection, Risk of trend, Product sturdiness 

Electronics Components and Supplies

It is one of the trickiest niches to get into. Has a huge competition and a big risk of getting stuck with a low quality product.

Unless you are able to get a supplier that you can vouch for, we would recommend you to stay away from this niche in the beginning. 

Tip: To begin with, choose products that have no perceived risk of safety issues. For example do not pick charging cables or power banks, unless you are sure that it meets the safety requirements and won't harm someone or their devices. 

Pros: High demand, Low cost of entry, Huge product selection

Cons: Safety compliance, Product quality,  Difficult to market, High competition

Luggage and Bags

After the pandemic, the one thing that is on top of the people's list is traveling. After being stuck at home for such a long time, people just want to get out of their homes and just travel.

This new thing has created a huge business opportunity that you can tap into. This category also has a huge word of mouth marketing too.

Tip: Choose a product that would help solve a travel related problem for someone. It could be as simple as a folding bag, smart luggage with a tracker.

Pros: High demand, Easy to market, Low cost of entry

Cons: Shipping timeline, Product quality, High competition

Office and School Supplies

It is amongst the lowest cost niche to get into. Supported by a huge demand and a repeat order probability, you can surely begin your dropshipping store with this niche.

Tip: Choose a product that has a wow factor. Everyone already has something that does the work functionally.

Pros: Easy to market, Low cost of entry, Word of mouth marketing, Bulk order probability

Cons: Product quality, Shipping timelines

Automobile and Motorcycles

Automobile and Motorcycle is a very big hobbyist niche. You won't believe the time and efforts people put into maintaining their dream machines.

Thus if you can find a unique product ( which won't be difficult at all ), the chances are that in no time you will get a loyal customer for your dropshipping store.

Tip: Choose a product that is unique and will help them in maintenance and or organization. Don't pick a product that they can pick personally at the time of the oil filter change or tyre rotation. 

Pros: Easy to market, Repeat orders, Low cost of entry, Loyal customer base

Cons: Product quality, Shipping timelines, Product selection research

Before you zero in your dropshipping niche, here are some of the important criteria that must be considered. 

Top Criteria to Choose a Dropshipping Niche (DAMP Rule)

  • Demand
  • Availability
  • Marketability
  • Profitability 

Let us go into each of the above in detail to gain a better understanding.


Although it is such a simple thing, you won't be able to believe how many beginners ignore its importance.

Demand and supply is a basic rule of business, the very first thing to look at actually. No matter how good your product is, if there is no demand, the business will not sustain.

Thus any niche you look into, should have inherent demand attached to it. If it is solving a problem for someone, you can surely make a business out of it. For example, weight loss is a problem that many of the customers face. At any point of time, there would be a ton of people looking for a solution to this problem. Thus choosing a product from that niche will surely have a demand. 

Similarly, you can identify a niche that is solving a problem for someone. That will make sure that your dropshipping store has a product that people are looking for.


Amongst many other problems, the biggest problem in a dropshipping business is the shipping timeline.

It is bound to take a couple of weeks for it to get delivered. Thus if the product is available at a nearby big box store, they aren’t going to be ready to wait for weeks to get the product from your store. 

Thus when looking for a dropshipping niche as a beginner, you should do thorough research of its availability in the local market. If it is available easily, it will certainly not make any business sense to build a business around it.

Keep looking and you will surely identify a niche that has a unique product that isn’t available locally yet. These kinds of products will surely get you started successfully.


If you can’t get people to come into your store, no matter how good your product is, it won't matter. The business can’t exist if there aren’t customers coming in.

The niche that you choose, should have inbuilt marketability. You should be able to market the product and get customers to come to your store. 

As the product and logistics are taken care of by the dropshipping supplier, marketing is your 100% responsibility. As the product isn’t unique to you, others can choose it with ease just like you can. Thus the thing that will differentiate your sales from them is the marketing strategy.

Thus when you decide on a niche, just take a step back and think about how you will be going to do marketing for it. If it is something that other dropshippers are already selling, try to learn from their marketing strategy. If you believe that you can do a better job than them, by all means go ahead and choose that niche. No one can stop you from getting successful.


It is a no brainer that your business is a for-profit business. Thus if you can’t make profit from the sales, would you want to be in that business ? Absolutely, you won't.

Once you have identified the niche, try to project the profits, keeping in mind all of the costs involved.

Always remember that the profit isn’t just the difference of the sale price and the product price. Along with the product costs, there are a ton of other costs involved and you should keep them in mind while doing business profit projections.

As a thumb rule, you should be able to sell the product for at least 3.5x of the price that you will be paying the dropshipping supplier. 

Best Tools to Select a Dropshipping Niche

With all of the criteria listed above, you will surely need help in quantifying the numbers related to the dropshipping niches you might shortlist.

Luckily, there are very good tools available online. You can take their help and decide on the dropshipping niche with a lot of confidence. 

We have covered the tools in detail in our insight, 3 awesome tools that will help you find the perfect dropshipping niche for your business.

In this article, we will cover the basics of each of these tools for your knowledge.

Google Keyword Planner

The most popular tool online to determine the demand for any keyword is Google Keyword Planner. It is part of the Google ads application and you can register for free on Google.  

Google undoubtedly is the best search engine in the world. Thus if Google’s tool gives any sort of numbers, they are very reliable and you can trust them for your decision.

To use the tool, you can enter any dropshipping niche or product in the search query, and it will give you the average monthly searches and competition. As a part of your marketing strategy, you may have PPC on your list and thus this step will also help you by giving a heads up on the average bids for that particular product. 

Facebook Audience Insights

Being the biggest social media platform in the world, Facebook has a very rich database that you can leverage to identify demand for any niche.

Using Facebook Audience Insights, you can find data like topics that your audience are interested in, where they live and what language they speak and many other data points.

As the name suggests, Google Trends is an awesome tool to determine trends for any dropshipping niche that you want to know more about. It is an amazing tool that gives you search interest over a period of time.

For any dropshipping niche, you can choose a country and time period and get data points of  the relevant search interest over a period of time. This solves an interesting and an important conundrum related to identifying trends in dropshipping products. 

For example, Fidget Spinners were once a very popular drop shipping item, but now they are not. Thus, it could have made sense to pick fidget spinners as a product for your store when they were on the uptrend. 

The smartness is in identifying a trend in the beginning stage, when there is less competition. Undoubtedly the most successful dropshippers are the ones that were able to identify the trends early, and cash in on them as soon as possible.

Just to help you get started and have the ball rolling, we have listed below 10 best dropshipping products for a beginner.

10 Best Dropshipping Products For Beginners

  1. Face Masks ( Niche: Beauty and Health )
  2. Outdoor toy slingshot ( Niche: Toys and Hobbies )
  3. Sleeping mask ( Niche: Womens Clothing and Accessories )
  4. Air Pump Wine Bottle Opener ( Niche: Home and Garden )
  5. Newborn Toddler Headwraps (  Niche: Mother and Kids )
  6. Mens jogging pants ( Niche: Mens Clothing and Accessories )
  7. Push Button Tact Switches Reset ( Niche: Electronics Components and Supplies )
  8. Bag Strap ( Niche: Luggage and Bags )
  9. Multi-function Desktop Organizer (  Niche: Office and School Supplies )
  10. Car Dent Removal Dent Puller ( Niche: Automobile and Motorcycles )


Now that you know how to choose a dropshipping niche for your store and what parameters to look for, we are sure that you will be able to get your dropshipping business started with a lot of confidence. 

As always, if you have any questions or need any help, just drop us a line and we will be glad to help.

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